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2S 330mAh LiHV hardcase battery (5 PCS)

2S 330mAh LiHV hardcase battery (5 PCS)
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2S 330mAh LiHV hardcase battery (5 PCS)

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1. Battery producers usually making “extra” length of wire in order to suit all chassis but this makes wires are jumping up in the chassis due to they are too long. Now you can tailor made the length of wires coming out from your car’s ESC to perfectly match each of your car setting & chassis.  Side benefit is reduced weight as less redundant wires.

2. The battery is able to sit into the car chassis properly without intervention by wires coming out from the battery.

3. With the above mentioned 2 benefits, you will find your wires are more tidily placed inside the chassis which have added advantage to the car stability.

4. It is a high voltage battery that supports charging up to 8.6 voltage and gives you more power.

5. More durable indeed as the battery is protected by the hard case.

6. Battery size:43x20x13mm

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