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GL 32-bit brushless sensored ESC fit for GL GTR

GL 32-bit brushless sensored ESC fit for GL GTR
The focus of GL is performance. We strive to design and produce the very best in every class of products.
GL 32-bit brushless sensored ESC fit for GL GTR

GL-BT-ESC-060-GTR (without Built-in Bluetooth) Brushless Sensored Speed Control for 1/28 mini car

Change to 32-bit MCU with ultra-smooth, faster response with precise throttle,brake and reverses control.
. Support ~2.5A BEC ampere drawn which is raised up by ~70%.
. Support ~30A instant ampere drawn by the motor which is raised up by ~80%.
. Bluetooth Module for advanced programming and firmware update through the Mobile APPS.
. APPS will be available on both IOS and Android.
. Data Analysis through Mobile APPS(Current Input & Output Throttle, Temperature, RPM, Adv. Timing, Voltage and min. voltage, Max Temperature, RPM & Adv. Timing).

. It is a new developed software with more advanced item functions added 
. Each item have small step to fine tune.

Battery Input Voltage: 2S lipo
BEC: 6V/2.5A
1/28 motor Limit: 9000kv or below
Max Ampere draw: ~30A per phase
Size: ~23.8x14.0x8.7mm(not include the plug)
Weight: ~5.6g(without any wire installed)

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