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GL Racing

Brand: GL Racing Model: GLR-S019
  The screw pack that came with a GLR kit: High quality M2 stainless steel hex screws Smaller screws Set screws Threaded rods  ..
Brand: GL Racing Model: GLR-S026
Newly designed pin for steering knuckle   The last version will be un-screwed from the steering knuckle when you would un-screw the lock nut for tire replacement. User needs to use glue to fix it in the steering knuckle.    This new version has resolved this problem. Once you screw it in..
Brand: GL Racing Model: SC-0001
Keep your ball diff smooth for better grip and consistency! Highly polished plates for the GLA ball diff. Also compatible with Alloy Kyozho AWD ball diff. Contains: 2x highly polished pressure plates 10x 2mm steel bearings 1x Thrust ball bearing For GLA and GLA-V2..
Brand: GL Racing Model: GL001-S
Spare gear set for Graupner DES131 servo ONLY!! They don't break that easily, but it can happen, if your DES131 is broken, open it and check if one of the gears is broken, if so, this is what you need to fix it. For GLA and GLA-V2..
Brand: GL Racing Model: GL003-DMG
For GLA-V2 and V2.1,GLR,GL-RIDER Features: Alloy Top and Bottom Casing Full Metal gears Dual Bearing Speed:    0.06sec/ 60° @ 6.0V Torque:    1.10 kg . cm @ 6.0V Weight:    5g..
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