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GL Racing

Brand: GL Racing Model: GLA-V2-039
Compatible with Model GL003-DMG Semi-Alloy Case Hi Speed Servo (Metal Gear) - GLA-V2,GLR,GL-RIDER  ..
Brand: GL Racing Model: GLA-V2-042
1. 3 points fixing design (compared with last version’s 5 points fixing) provides more flexile to the chassis 2. More flexile chassis can improve the car stability at cornering in particular on low traction track 3. Flexile chassis benefits will be more easy to observe when the car is using Le..
Brand: GL Racing Model: GLA-V2-043
For GLA-V2.1 Compatible with GL003-DMG     Upgraded Servo Saver Set for GLA    1. New version C-ring was made by highly elastic steel and different method of technology. It’s shape is more symmetric (ie more like a balanced “C”shape). It makes the saver rebound between right & le..
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