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GL Racing

Brand: GL Racing Model: GLA-016
Main chassis designed and tested for Lexan bodies ASC L-clip posts are omitted Extra holes for moving Battery holder outwards for better balance Revised rear waistline for even more rear traction Covered diffs at the bottom to prevent dirt from entering diffs Narrower than standard chassis..
Brand: GL Racing Model: GLA-022
Carbon replacement for the standard FRP item For GLA and GLA-V2..
Brand: GL Racing Model: GLA-023
For the adjustment of GLA front camber angles: The dots are NOT camber angles! Since different ride heights give different camber angles, we simply created a set of camber arms that offer more camber angles than Stock arms. Stock Arm (least negative camber  - longest arm) 4 dots 3 do..
Brand: GL Racing Model: GLA-025
GLA Servo Saver set (For model GL-0162-TG For GLA and GLA-V2 only)..
Brand: GL Racing Model: GLA-026
Spare pinion for GLA 4WD central, 4 pairs in packing...
Brand: GL Racing Model: GLA-035-OP1
1. Optional part for lexan body post set (GLA-035) 2. Made of high quality carbon plate to improve the strength and durability compared with stock one  3. Small screws set included to fix the bumper foam at optimal position even after strong crash  ..
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