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Brand: GL Racing Model: RX-055
Description:This is the first Futaba T-FHSS compatible micro surface receiver in the world. It offers full 4-channel support in ultra-light weight and micro size. It is ideal for micro racing cars.Features:1. Futaba 2.4GHz T-FHSS compatible2. High performance CPU enhance precision control feeling3. ..
Brand: X-Power Model: XP-ESC-C65
For Model : X-Power-RJ28-30A Long=65mm For GL-ESC-COMBO-SD3500KV &GL-ESC-COMBO-SD5250KV..
Brand: GL Racing Model: XP-ESC-R66
Remark: Long=90mm (Update on 18 Feb 2019) For  GL-SD-ESC-010T..
Brand: GL Racing Model: GL001-S
Spare gear set for Graupner DES131 servo ONLY!! They don't break that easily, but it can happen, if your DES131 is broken, open it and check if one of the gears is broken, if so, this is what you need to fix it. For GLA and GLA-V2..
Brand: GL Racing Model: GL003-DMG
For GLA-V2 and V2.1,GLR,GL-RIDER Features: Alloy Top and Bottom Casing Full Metal gears Dual Bearing Speed:    0.06sec/ 60° @ 6.0V Torque:    1.10 kg . cm @ 6.0V Weight:    5g..
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