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Brand: GL Racing Model: GL-0820-TG
For GLR-GLA-V2.1,GLF-1 & GL-Rider Features: Full alloy casing Titanium gears Bearing Speed 0.05sec/60 @6.0V Torque:1.50kg cm @6.0V Weight 7g..
Brand: GL Racing Model: GMM-001-8600
GL High-Torque Brushless Motor (8600KV) Motor developed with NiMH Mini-Zs as well as GLA in mind, very high power for expert users More power - one of the most powerful motors out there, due to its High Torque, KV rating is not high, but more poweful than some higher KV motors on market Ea..
Brand: GL Racing Model: AC002-K
Contains: 3 JST sockets (1 spare), 10cm heat shrink tubing (enough for 2 attempts). WARNING: For people with good soldering skills ONLY!!! WARNING: Convert your Receiver at your our risk, Receiver warranty void For people looking for a quick and easy solution, please consider our adapters i..
Brand: GL Racing Model: AC007-A
Adapters to convert regular Receiver servo sockets to 1.5mm JST sockets, suitable for GLA, GLR, AMZ, BZ, SZ...
Brand: GL Racing Model: GLA-S020
The original Esc of GLA For GLA and GLA-V2..
Brand: GL Racing Model: GL-SD-ESC-010T
GL-SD-ESC-010 Replaced by GL-SD-ESC-010T * Change on/off position only *  (For GLA,GLR,GLF,GL-RIDER)  ..
Brand: GL Racing Model: GMM-001-3500
Here's the in between 3500KV, as with previous motors in the GL range: - linear power control. - High efficiency of energy conversion. - Better torque than Kyosho VE motor series. - JAPAN high quality duel ball Bearing included. - no power fade at higher temperatures. - 15mm diameter.  ..
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